Our Tax Buster Program

Welcome to out Purchase CEMA Guide! Explore the potential savings and benefits that
come with CEMAs and embark on a journey to optimize your real estate investments.

Learn more by watching our Tax Buster video and discover the power of a Purchase CEMA for maximized savings in New York real estate!

Purchase CEMA Savings Calculator for NYS

Streamline savings with our Purchase CEMA calculator for smarter
home buyer decisions.

Total Purchase
CEMA Savings


Buyer's Savings


Seller's Savings


  • Buyer Mortage Recording Tax | Without Purchase CEMA0$
  • Buyer Mortage Recording Tax | With Purchase CEMA0$
  • Buyer Pays0%
  • Buyer's Tax Savings0$
  • Seller Transfer Tax | Without Purchase CEMA0$
  • Seller Transfer Tax | With Purchase CEMA0$
  • Seller Pays0%
  • Seller's Tax Savings0$

Additional recording, payoff and attorney handling fees not included

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Find out how to get real savings on the on Transfer Tax and Mortgage Tax imposed in NYS by taking advantage of our tax buster program.

Unlock the power of a Purchase CEMA to supercharge your future real estate investments and savings.

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