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Reliant Home Funding is a tried and true mortgage lender serving clients nationwide. We understand that owning a home is a big deal – and you deserve the right home loan for the job. That’s exactly what we’re committed to providing:

You can Rely on us to find the best mortgage program and interest rate for you.

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Our people are our greatest asset: Reliant Home Funding is a family-run business with a strong, valued team. Get to know the people behind the top-tier mortgage programs.

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Why You Can Rely On Us

Our People are Our Greatest Asset

Reliant Home Funding is a family-run business with a strong, valued team – not another nameless and faceless corporation.

Relationships > Transactions

We value changing people’s lives over the bottom line: our motivation and inspiration comes from helping clients into their dream homes.

We are Thumb Pointers, Not Finger Pointers

We do what we say we will: we take care in and responsibility for our role in the home ownership process.

Service is Everyone’s Responsibility

We prioritize service at every step. All team members – no matter their role – provide excellent service, without exception.

Continuous Improvement

At Reliant Home Funding, we believe in consistently pursuing growth and that this is essential for long-term success.

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We’re licensed in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

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