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Our "Why": To create and build relationships so that others can experience the American Dream through Homeownership. Our mission at Reliant Home Funding is to provide reliable, efficient, and transparent residential mortgage origination services for homebuyers, homeowners, and the real estate community. We achieve this through consistent effort, cutting edge technology, and open communication.

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Our people are our greatest asset: Reliant Home Funding is a family-run business with a strong, valued team. Get to know the people behind the top-tier mortgage programs.

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Our 5 Keys

People are Priority: Greatness is built with team work

People are Priority is one of our fundamental beliefs. This principle guides us in recognizing that greatness is built through teamwork, and our achievements are a direct result of valuing and respecting each member of our team. Without the dedication and mutual respect of our people, we would not be where we are today. #Teamwork

Relationships Rule: Transactions end, Relationships remain

Relationships Rule every transaction is simply a small part of a greater relationship. If we treat every relationship as the end game, the transaction will follow. #Relationships

Accountability is Personal: Reflection before Projection

Accountability is Personal centers on the power of self-change and personal responsibility. It encourages us to look inward first, recognizing our ability to influence situations directly. Before assigning blame elsewhere, we are guided to ask ourselves, 'How could I have helped?' This value underscores our belief in the priceless worth of individuals and the importance of taking ownership of our actions #Thumbpointer

Service through Knowledge: Great service means great understanding

Service through Knowledge emphasizes the vital role of comprehensive understanding in our work, encompassing every facet of the job, process, guidelines, and regulations, to ensure unparalleled service. Embracing the principle that 'Education is everything,' we commit to continuous learning and teaching as the foundation of excellence. #Education is everything

Evolve to Excel: We need to adapt and improve to succeed

Evolve to Excel embodies our commitment to constant growth and adaptation, recognizing that standing still leads to falling behind. Driven by the spirit of evolution, we embrace change as a pathway to success, ensuring that we continue to lead and thrive in a dynamic landscape. #Evolution

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We’re licensed in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado, D.C., Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, Louisiana, Washington, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Illinois.

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