What makes us different?

Located in Melville Long Island, we are a licensed Mortgage Lender. We are uniquely positioned on the wholesale mortgage market to provide our clients with the best mortgage terms available for their financial situation. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we are not limited to one set of underwriting guidelines. We work with over 30+ wholesalers who specialize in mortgage originations. This allows our Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators on Long Island to place our client’s new home loan with the best mortgage program and interest rate available for their specific scenario. Mortgages are not a one size fits all, that is why our team is trained to pre underwrite each loan to accurately determine the mortgages available to them.


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The 1st Approve

(Our Secret Sauce)

As a first time home buyer or just someone who is still learning how the home loan process works, the most common issue that arises is the lack of review of a client’s income, assets and overall financial situation at time of pre-approval. At Reliant Home Funding we offer you another option called 1st Approve, this will replace the need for you to get a Pre- Approval or Pre-Qualification. Our 1stApprove program allows for your loan to be fully underwritten by one of our partner underwriters prior to you getting into contract or even finding a new home. This will give you the confidence that your home loan was actually reviewed and approved by a Licensed Mortgage Underwriter. This mortgage approval will be the same approval you will have once you find your new home. Eliminate any last minute surprises and inquire today!

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The 1st Approve Process

One on One Conversation

You and your Reliant Home Funding Loan Officer will discuss and review your financing expectations.The Loan Officer will also assess your credit worthiness and set proper expectations for the steps to come.

Document Preparation

Your Loan Officer will request you gather together the required income and asset documents for your situation. These documents may include Paystubs, W2’s, Tax Returns and Bank Statements.


Your Loan Officer will prepare your new loan request and submit it to an underwriter for approval.

1st Approve Issued

Your new loan was reviewed and approved with conditions by an underwriter subject to the Property Address of your new home.

Place an Offer on your Dream Home

Use the 1st Approve to your advantage and help improve the odds of winning a bidding war.

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