The mortgage process doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ll show you how it works.

1. 1st Approval

This is one of the most important steps in home buying process. It is important that you have a Licensed Loan Originator review your credit worthiness and financial documents to determine what you will qualify for. With our exclusive 1st Approve program we will submit your loan documents to our partner underwriter for a conditional approval subject to a property address. Once you find a new home we will simply update the same approval with the new property address. This is the key to our success and what will differentiate you from other competitive offers on a home.

2. Mortgage Application

Once you are in contract you will discuss all of the important details regarding your new loan. This will include what type of mortgage you prefer: Fixed Rate, Adjustable, Conventional, FHA, VA, ect…Don’t worry your Licensed Loan Originator will walk you through all of the details. Initial Disclosures will be prepared and sent via secure email for you to electronically sign.

3. Documents

The ball is in your court for this step. We need help getting your documents prepared as soon as possible, this will help keep your file moving forward. You will need to gather updated documents such as W2’s, Tax Returns, Paystubs, Bank Statements. Your Loan Originator will provide you with a lsit of specific documents needed for your transaction.

4. Processing & Underwriting

Our team of processors will prepare your loan for submission to our partner underwriter. Our team will be working hard behind the scene to verify employment, order your appraisal, order title report (if requested), update credit, ect. Once submitted to underwriter the underwriter will review and issue a “Conditional Approval”.

5. Approved with Conditions

After reviewing the submission package the underwriter will issue a “Conditional Approval”; don’t panic, this is completely normal. The approval will have a list of conditions that your Loan Originator, Loan Processor and you will work together to clear.

6. Clear to Close

Once all conditions are gathered together our team will prepare them and provide them to the Underwriter for Final Clearance. Once the underwriter clears all open conditions your loan will be “Clear to Close”.

7. Closing Disclosure

Once your loan is Clear to Close or shortly before, you will receive a Closing Disclosure. The Closing Disclosure will be provided to you at least 3 days prior to your closing. This disclosure will detail your new loan and provide you with the closing figures prior to the closing date.

8. Closing Day

You’ve made it! Our team of professionals will work with all parties involved to help make your closing experience as smooth as possible.

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